Team Training 

Alex was awesome!!!  The girls had a blast and learned a ton!  Thank you guys so much!! 

Team Training and School of Soccer

The team training session was absolutely fantastic! 

Thank you so much for offering this to our team! 

My daughter has also really enjoyed the Wednesday School of Soccer  at St. Joe’s. 

It’s so wonderful to have this available to our parish kids.

Summer  Camp
I was a bit apprehensive about this day-long outdoor camp because he isn’t 

thrilled to go to camps in the first place, much less when it’s hot and he’s never been to a full day camp before. 

He LOVED it! 

I love your philosophy of just letting the kids play, making it fun for these guys and not trying to over structure things with hours of drills. I personally believe that’s how these young kids learn best. I feel that he lacks confidence and the only thing that will help is real game experience-which is what this camp was full of. Best part is, he wants to go back next year-which says A LOT for him! I’m grateful our paths crossed and he had this opportunity learning from you and your program. 

Thanks for a great week!​

Leadership  Program
My son had a great time at camp.
He has a very hard time doing new things and your camp seemed to put him at ease.
He is definitely coming back next year.
I appreciate the leadership information. We will work on that with him.